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Web Design

High Five! We will create fully custom, integrated, content rich websites in 5 days flat! As soon as you book our services, we will have an Introduction Page for your site live, within 24 hours! This means your business will not miss any opportunities!

Brand Identity/ Branding

Brand development must be the first priority of any business. Without clear vision on the identity of the company or product, communications efforts will be scattered, futile and a waste of money.

Content Strategy

A content strategy reinforces your brand and mission. Our content strategies will include research and analysis, written content and the platforms through which the content will be distributed. So, whether you need to advance brand awareness or generate more leads, our content strategies can help you do just that. Our strategies will make sure that your brand stands out in today's competitive landscape.

Media Strategy

At the heart of every successful media plan is a very fine crafted strategy. Our media strategists will iron out your media campaign’s objectives, goals, and target audiences.

Digital Marketing

Our personalized digital marketing strategies will define your company's advertising goals and detail what digital channels these will be delivered through. These digital channels include search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps, among others.

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Whatever your business needs are, we have an expert ready to help you grow!

(COMING SOON) Download a Major Gift Solicitation Tips For Nonprofits eBook

Nonprofit organizations are the frontline defense of every community. We are passionate about helping nonprofit organizations thrive. Our Founder is a seasoned philanthropy expert who will share her secrets to help your organization build powerful cultivation strategies.

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